Nutrition, Health and Well-being

The health of the nation is the wealth of the nation. This is the simple philosophy that underlines activities in this program: environmental sensitivity, food security and socioeconomic sustainability.  The Foundation aims to achieve these through:

  • Assistance to programs encouraging greater food security and sovereignty.
  • Providing seeding funds for community based feeding programs for the disadvantaged
  • Offering support to orphanages and hospices for basic needs.
  •  Hosting gifting and thanks giving ceremonies and events which would involve vulnerable groups.
  • Encouraging the use of environmentally friendly methods and technologies.
  • Providing donations for essential health services such as water infrastructure (bore-holes, water tanks and ablution facilities.)
  • Donating essential health implements such as wheelchairs and essential  equipment for
  • Donating bicycles and essential transport facilities to improve the well-being of rural communities.
  • Supporting training of youth and donating first-aid and nursing kits to rural home based care workers.

Establishing working relations with international voluntary organizations to have internships for community based health care and support.