Arts, Culture & Heritage

This program will be the main activity area of the Foundation as it encompasses a wide range of focus areas.
Briefly, these include:

  • Including the support of all forms of artistic expression such as the visual arts: film, graphic design, fine arts. As well as the performative arts such as community theatre, music and choreography. In all these activities; the foundation will encourage greater collaboration and interaction across various genres and form to produce unique and innovative artistic productions.
  • Similarly, the area of culture is broad and multi-faceted as well as ever changing. The Foundation is keen to support the preservation and exposure of marginal cultural expressions and forms so as to expose these to wider audiences nationally and globally.
  • An important component of this program includes the hosting, facilitation of important cultural events and activities which bring the spotlight on marginalized cultural genres.
  • Another area of interest includes the restoration and upgrading of important historical sites in the pre-colonial history of abeNguni and other civilizations south of the Zambezi River.
  • Supporting the development of alternative tourist routes and places of interest to show an alternative picture of South Africa.
  • Commission innovative and thought provoking cultural productions and research with a view of contributing and reinventing a shared living legacy.
  • Building essential cultural institutions such as artist’s studios, dance halls and recreation facilities in rural communities.

Hosting regular thematic Public Lecture and seminar series on topical issues impacting and affecting the arts, indigenous knowledge, popular history, identity, race and representation.