What We Do

The Foundation has eight program areas:

  1. Education
  2. Arts, Culture and Heritage
  3. Indigenous Knowledge and History.
  4. Sports and Recreation
  5. Health
  6. Local Economic Development
  7. Environmental Advocacy and Justice
  8. Tourism and Legacy Programs

The Foundations main objective is to facilitate programs and lead initiatives that will help build capacity and improve the living conditions in rural communities. To achieve this objective and maximize potential the Foundation will partner with community organizations, professional associations, academic institutions and corporate organizations, as required.

As a starting point the Foundation will enhance cooperation and collaboration to celebrate the diversity and beauty of cultural in KwaZulu Natal, and use this as an important source of skills development, to increase the household income in rural communities in the province.

Phase One

In Phase One the Foundation will focus on initiatives in two priority areas. These include:

  • Local Economic Development
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage