Mission & Vision

The Prince Africa Zulu Foundation Trust and its work will endeavour to keep the memory of the late HRH Prince Shingana ka Mpande alive. He was a hero, statesman and a political diplomat of the Zulu Nation who has been forgotten by history. He was the Head of the Onkweni branch of the Zulu Royal House and the son of King Mpande ka Senzangakhona Zulu. Prince Shingana was the first Prince of Onkweni who was appointed by his father King Mpande who ruled the Zulu Nation from 1840 to 1872.

The Foundation was officially launched on July 20, 2012.

Our Vision

Building the capacity and partnerships with rural individuals & communities to improve their living conditions.

Our Mission

The Foundation intends to provide a platform for various groups to engage and develop common responses that include; rural communities, vulnerable groups, artists, art institutions, community organizations, professional associations, academic institutions, and representatives of national foundations and corporate organizations.