The guiding vision behind the establishment of the Prince Africa Zulu Foundation Trust is the desire to preserve the history, perpetuate the living legacy and celebrate the human will to live in dignity even in the face of occupation, oppression and dispossession; this spirit was personified by the Kings and Royal Princes of the Zulu Kingdom.


This includes the sharing of ideas and creative cultural programs at a regional, continental and global level. The foundation intends to provide a platform for various actors to critically engage and develop common responses faced by these groups which include; members of the broader civil society, vulnerable groups (such as the physically challenged, youth, women and children), artists, art practitioners and institutions, community based organizations, professionals and associations , academic and educational intuitions, governmental departments and representatives of national and international foundations and donor organizations. The primary motivation is the desire to enhance greater cooperation and collaboration of various actors in the area of international cultural exchange.
In the initial years of the Foundation will focus on eight areas of operations namely:

  • Education
  • Arts , Culture & Heritage
  • Indigenous knowledge production and People‚Äôs History.
  • Sports & recreation
  • Nutrition and Wellbeing
  • Livelihoods and local economic development
  • Tourism and legacy programs
  • Environmental awareness and alternative energy programs